The AMI Learning System

What the research tells us...

Gallup’s 2018 Study of the American Workforce reveals that managers and employees are becoming increasingly disengaged – meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their organization and have little enthusiasm for, or commitment to the work that they do.  Estimated annual cost is $450 to $550 billion, plus an additional $11 billion lost due to employee turnover.

An intensifying old problem…

Gallup indicates that employee disengagement has hovered around 70% since 2000.  65% of managers are disengaged and 50% of employees are leaving to get away from how their managers manage.  Efforts to improve employee engagement over the past 16 years appears to have made only a 4% improvement. Gallup stated in their 2017 study:  “The U.S. is in the midst of an employee engagement crisis.”

Today’s accelerating market change combined with increasing uncertainty is increasing the symptom cost from disengagement – 60% more defects, 49% more accidents, 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability.  Compounding these costs is the workforce’s increasing willingness to change jobs, even careers, to access employment that provides increasing engagement.

To not create an engaging culture increases the organization’s risk of reducing its capability to respond to accruing costs which present themselves in four progressive symptoms:

  • Team members tell leaders that they are doing the best that they can, but it’s still not good enough.

  • Leaders tell leadership that they can’t get better performance from their team members.

  • Accelerating disconnects occur between business units and/or in the quality and timeliness of service delivery.

  • Leadership increasingly senses that the operation’s capability is maxing out, but the organization is falling further behind.

A strategy that makes ‘cents’…

Use real-time based, short learning cycles that capitalize on two key elements – empowering conversations and engaging team collaboration tools.  Empower leaders to use today’s challenges to equip teams to produce simultaneous benefits – 1) creating immediate engagement, 2) improving short-term results, 3) increasing team member competency ‘on-the-fly’, and 4) building long-term retention.

AMI Learning Center’s gap closing system enables leaders to quickly learn, use, and teach the skills, tools, and language that create engagement and team collaboration right now.  Leaders can capitalize on the support of virtual, live group coaching, leveraging each other’s expertise, and 24/7 use of team collaboration learning modules to transform uncertainty’s impact into critical benefits.

Next steps...
  • Equip leaders on-their-job through Real-Time Coaching to transform from managing work to developing team members.

  • Equip leaders to immediately begin equipping team members to increase retention through improving short-term results.

  • Empower leadership to continuously re-align policies, processes, and procedures to accelerate leaders’ impact.

  • Create an engaging, adaptive culture by improving short-term results.

To empower your leaders to transform obstacles into bottom-line impact opportunities…