Challenge for today’s leaders – how do we succeed in an increasingly complex, demanding and fast changing market?

Leaders tell us that there is always too much to do.  Too little time to get ‘it’ done.  Time gets consumed solving the tyranny of the urgent.  Leaders don’t feel equipped to sustain short term results while trying to transform the culture.  

Challenge for today’s leadership – how do we operate when a directive management strategy no longer sustains desired results.?

Gallup’s 2018 Workforce study confirms that 70% of the workforce is disengaged, costing $450-550 billion annually in lost productivity.  In contrast, Gallup’s study validates that when employee engagement improves, so do net earnings – 22% increase in productivity, 41% increase in quality, 41% increase in retention, and 48% increase in safety.

What’s missing?  A strategy to sustain short term results while building an empowering culture:

  • Equipping and supporting leaders to:
    • Communicate so team members want to engage
    • Equip teams in real time to transform obstacles into increased impact
    • Utilize as-needed help to accelerate engagement that increases productivity
  • Empowering the organization’s leadership to:
    • Develop an empowering culture through improving short-term productivity
    • Minimize management’s time to create and sustain improvement
    • Enable leaders to regularly self-report ROI on the investment
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The Center provides the critical elements needed for leaders to sustain short term results while developing the organization’s empowering culture:


  • Equipping leaders with core competencies that motivate team members to engage
  • Empowering leaders to accelerate transfer of learning to increase short term impact
  • Enabling leaders to train teams in real time to increase engagement by solving obstacles
  • Transforming leader generated solutions into help for other leaders to improve productivity
  • Supporting leaders to regularly communicate ROI from improving engagement
  • Helping the organization accelerate engagement by aligning policies, processes, and practices
As a cost-effective engagement improvement system, the Center provides:


  • A half-day introductory seminar to help the organization’s leadership understand the disengagement problem, the solution, AMI Learning Center’s support strategy, its benefits and shared expectations prior to making the investment decision. 
  • Equipping –Two days of training to equip leaders with core competencies
    • Six-week virtual group practicum to help leaders accelerate implementation
  • Ongoing learning transfer and improvement support through access to your organization’s virtual private learning center that empowers leaders to:
    • Utilize learning modules to accelerate effectiveness
    • Collaborate on shared ideas, issues, and opportunities without meeting in-person or at the same time
    • Translate Engagement Productivity Coach facilitated discussion forums and live group conversations into increasing engagement and improvement
    • Access related resources to expand leaders’ knowledge and solution options
    • Utilize role specific centers that enable private collaboration
    • Access additional coaching for individual leader development and project-based support.
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For a long time, research has demonstrated that, without effective continuing support, training will not translate into sustained improvement:

  • If you are an executive, without adding time to your schedule, what if your leaders could provide you with monthly reports on their team’s monthly ROI on investment in their success?
  • If you are a leader, what if you had the help you needed, along with leadership’s support, to improve your team’s productivity by empowering their increasing engagement?

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