The AMI Learning Center's

Real-time based Leader Development System

Equip leaders on the job…
  • Equip leaders to transform today’s on-their-job time into team member equipping time.

  • Enable leaders to immediately translate their learning into team member learning.

  • Empower teams to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s benefits:

    • Increasing team members’ competency to increase impact

    • Increasing team members’ immediate engagement to improve results

    • Increasing team members’ long term retention

    • Increasing team members’ short-term results

Capitalizes on a real-time based learning processes…
  • Using a sequence of practical tools and job aids to capitalize on today’s challenges.

  • Enables team members to immediately begin using these tools to increase short-term impact.

  • Integrates engagement communication skill building into the use of the tools.

Enabling leaders to accelerate short-term impact…
  • Coaching that enables leaders to manage the questions and risks of immediately engaging team members in short-term focused problem-solving.

  • Provided on an as-needed basis as determined by the leaders.

  • Delivered through leader selected options for coaching support – in-person, virtual, individualized, group-based. 

Empowering leadership and leaders to capitalize on each other’s experience…
  • Access relevant learning modules on an as-needed 24/7 basis.

  • Utilize discussion forums to collaborate on shared issues, obstacles, and opportunities.

  • Capitalize on coach facilitated group discussions of shared needs and goals.

  • Create your organization’s private learning and leader collaboration center.

To empower your leaders to increase their impact on short-term results…