The AMI Learning System - an Overview

Assessment - Learning - Application - Support

Assessment ...

We begin with our Organizational Culture Impact AssessmentTM to help you understand the links between the Management Practices and Social Norms that shape your Organizational Culture and are the root causes of disengagement.

Learning ...

Our goal is to equip Managers throughout your organization with the MINDSET and SKILL SET they need to build a collaborative, empowering culture that will create an engaged workforce. This includes two 1-day Classroom Training Sessions:

  • Day 1 – The morning session focuses on learning and practicing the MINDSET and SKILL SET of Conversational Leadership. The afternoon session focuses on using those skills when giving positive and corrective feedback.
  • Day 2 – The focus is on making work group and team meetings productive by learning how and when to use 9 Discussion, Decision Making, and Problem Solving collaborative TOOLS.

Shortly after completing Day 1, the participating Managers will begin a 6-Week Conversational Leadership Practicum.

Connected by a telephone bridge line, and guided by a Mentor Coach, they will work in groups of 3 or 4 on practicing and applying Conversational Leadership skills.

A COACH will be assigned to your organization to support your Managers in their efforts to apply and perfect the Conversational Leadership MINDSET and SKILL SET they have learned.


AMI Online Learning Center:

Each company who chooses this option is provided with a Private Company Platform that includes...

  • A growing collection of COURSES.
  • The opportunity to form GROUPS.
  • Tools that will enable individuals and groups to conduct DISCUSSIONS and VIDEO CONFERENCES.
  • A private MESSAGING system.
  • A CALENDAR to schedule events.

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